Welcome to the New MindCleanup!

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything on here, way too long!! But today I have an amazing announcement. After tons of emails from you asking me what happened, many weeks of careful planning, some arm grease, and a tidbit of sweat – here is the BRAND NEW MindCleanup website!!

I’m so excited to get the ball rolling on this project, because the response I’ve had from you is nothing short of breathtaking. Over the last three years Mind cleanup has touched the hearts and minds of over 75 000+ individuals seeking to have more joy and happiness in their lives. Through the videos, the beta MindCleanup program, and the blog posts I’ve been able to not only share some knowledge with you, but also get some amazing feedback, and hear your transformation stories!

Your stories motivated me so much that I decided to refocus my energy on this project to be able to bring this to a bigger scale and spread positive ideas on a grand scheme. Most media outlets keep bombarding us with negative stories, and then we’re surprised to hear that a big chunk of the population is depressed.

This is where MindCleanup steps in – and by MindCleanup this means you and me, the community. I want this site, and it’s social media outlets to become a safe place where you can grow as a human, and reclaim your happiness. Regardless if you’re a stay at home parent dealing with daily frustrations,  an entrepreneur, an athlete, a dreamer, or a student – the information, and support that you will find on this site will help you to become a super version of yourself.

You will become a strong person that others see as a role model, someone they can look up to. You will become a joy spreading, happiness giving, positivity radiating, goal achieving YOU. And the best part is that all of this is already inside of you, I will simply show you how to access your potential, and then all you will have to do is shine.

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Thank you for all your kindness, and great messages in the last years – I’m so excited to renew this conversation, and to get to know  you – AND to see you thrive as the amazing person that you are.

Talk soon,


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